(All Manufactured entirely in The United States of America)

(click on the radio to hear one of the most popular records of 1941)

The first radio on the page is a Zenith Consol-Tone radio model 6D2614 made in 1941. It has a wooden case. I have restored this radio into working condition replacing all the capacitors, the dial string and any tubes that it needed. Note the unusual shape of this radio which made it unique in its time.




The next radio is a GE HJ-514. This radio has also been restored into working order. It is a rather simple design and it was manufactured back in 1939. It too has a wooden case .



The next radio is a Sonora model RDU-209 manufactured in 1946. This restoration is not exact in that the stripes were originally much darker but I could only find lighter material when doing them over. The original stripes were pretty much worn off.


(click on the radio to hear one of 1942's top selling songs)

This next radio is a Zenith model 10S669 made in 1942. This radio was in excellent condition when I found it in an antique store and all it needed was some cleaning up. It Works great.


Click on the Radio to hear one of 1941's smash hits "String Of Pearls by Glenn Miller"

This Radio is a Philco model 41-300 that my son-in-law recently picked up for me at a garage sale for $20.00. This Radio was manufactured in 1941 and was considered one of the best radios of the time. Currently working on it and will be replacing all the caps and checking the tubes etc. The condition is fantastic. A super buy for sure.






I will be adding more radios as I restore them..


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