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The Tarriers hit the music charts in early 1957 with their arrangement of "The Banana Boat Song" which appears to have been a combination of two traditional Jamaican folk songs. Harry Belafonte also scored big with the song with slightly different lyrics. Belafonte's version was also known as "Day-O" This would be The Tarriers only hit song. They consisted of the group's originator, Erik Darling, Alan Arkin and Bob Carey. Arkin was the first to leave the group in the late fifties to pursue what would turn out to be a very successful acting career. Darling, later formed the singing group "The Rooftop Singers" and had a smash hit with "Walk Right In" in the sixties. Arkin's film credits include movies such as "Catch 22", "The Russians Are Coming" to name a few. Most recently he co-starred in the box office hit "Going In Style"


Bopper Bob Hennessey

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