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The Royal Teens formed in 1957 and were originally made up of Bob Gaudio (piano), Tom Austin (drums), Bill Crandall (sax) and Billy Dalton (guitar) all from Ft Lee NJ. They cut their first record that year for Power Records. Their first single was an instrumental called "Planet Rock", backed by a song called "Short Shorts" (written by Austin and Gaudio). Both Alan Freed and Dick Clark, gave "Short Shorts" a lot of airplay and it began to take off immediately. Their contract was soon bought out by ABC-Paramount, and soon after that the record reached number 3 on the Billboard charts. Their next charting single was recorded with Larry Qualiano replacing Bill Crandall who had decided to go back and resume his education. This song was called "Harvey's Got A Girlfriend" and it did not fair nearly as well as "Short Shorts", it only managed to reach number 78 on the charts. They released another novelty tune called "Big Name Button" which was about a craze that was popular in the late 50's. Teenagers would wear a large button on their shirt/blouse with their name written on it. Though it appeared on numerous radio station charts/playlists it did not manage to sell many copies. The group would chart once again with a tune called "Believe Me" which did much better and managed to reach number 28 on the nationwide charts in 1959. That was pretty much the end of charting hits for this great oldies group.


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