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The Mystics



In May of 1959 Laurie Records Released the song Hushabye by The Mystics and within a few weeks it became a smash hit. The late great DJ Alan Freed featured it as the closing tune on his televised Saturday night Big Beat Show. The group were originally called "The Overons" and consisted of George Galfo, Phil Cracolici, Albee Cracolici, Bob Ferrante and Al Contrera. They became The Mystics when each of the members wrote a name they liked on a slip of paper and the names were then put in a hat and Al Contrera's choice was drawn.

 Today 2 Originals - George Galfo and Phil Cracolici are joined by their brothers in music - Rocky Marsicano ad Anthony DeFontes to continue to Keep The Mystics Legacy Alive .

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Bopper Bob Hennessey

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