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I See The Moon reached number 14 on the charts in the US in 1953. This was the first song to hit the pop charts in the USA featuring a racially mixed singing group consisting of two blacks and two whites. .The group consisted of the two black members James Lewis and Homer Smith and the two white members Tom Lockard and Marty Boughan. This racially mixed group was formed during World War II while serving in the United States Coast Guard where they called themselves "The Guardsmen". After leaving the Coast Guard at the end of WWII they renamed the group "The Mariners" and started recording together. Their record "I See The Moon" was their most successful recording. They also were regular performers on the Early TV Show "The Arthur Godfrey Show".


This fantastic group managed to hit the charts three times during their recording career with their hit songs:

  "Sometine" #16 in 1950

  "They Call The Wind Mariah" #30 , in 1951

  "I See The Moon " #14 , in 1953.


The song also became a number one hit in Great Britain in September of 1954 when it was recorded by a group called "The Stargazers"


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