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Hearts OF Stone was another one of those early R&B songs that swept the nation during the early years of Rock and Roll or Rhythm And Blues as it was called at the time. In 1954 The Jewels, a west coast R&B group recorded the song which was written by their lead singer Rudy Jackson along with Eddie Ray, on the aptly titled "R and B Records" label in Hollywood. The song was quickly covered by another R&B group "Otis Williams and The Charms" on the Deluxe label and they had the bigger hit with the song throughout most of the country except for the west coast area. (click here to hear the charms version) The song was also quickly covered by The Fontaine Sisters a white "sister act" who also had a big hit with it. (click hear the Fontaine Sisters version) The Jewels version of this song remains the "true grit" version of the song preferred by early R&B buffs.


Bopper Bob Hennessey


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