The Ballad Of A Girl And Boy

by The Graduates

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The Graduates

(Shan-Todd 0055)


UPDATE Sept 2010..

Members of the group included:

Johnny Cappello

 Bruce Hammond

Freddie Mancuso

Jack Scorsone (deceased)

This great R&B tune was released in late 1959 and charted across the country in early 1960. This group had a large fan base throughout the world. We would like to thank Johnny Cappello the Lead singer of the group for furnishing us updated information regarding this group. Johnny who now resides in Phoenix Arizona wrote the song Ballad of a Girl And Boy. After the group broke up Johnny went on to join a group called The Tune Rockers and had a hit with a tune called "The Green Mosquito" on which he played sax. He later joined a group called "The Jesters"

Discography for The Graduates:

Ballad of A Girl And Boy/Care -- Shan-Todd 0055 - 1959

What Good Is Graduation/Lonley -- Corsican 0058 - 1959


Johnny Holliday & The Graduates (aka The Question Marks)

1963 - Goodbye My Love / Ballad Of A Boy And A Girl (Lawn 208)

Bopper Bob Hennessey

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