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I Understand

 (Just How You Feel)

The G-Clefs


The G-Clefs a 1950s group made a brief appearance in 1961 on the charts with their fabulous rendition of the song made popular by The Four Tunes in the early 1950's called "I Understand". They changed the song somewhat by mixing it with the "Guy Lombardo" standard "Auld Lang Syne" which was sung in the background adding just the right touch to make this version of the song a hit once again.

  Later on in the 1960's "Herman's Hermits" and "Freddie And The Dreamers" would both record this song but could not come close to the great version done by The G-Clefs. This classic tune sung by the G-Clefs will stand as one of the great all time Ballads.


Bopper Bob Hennessey

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