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I Fought The Law


The Bobby Fuller Four



I Fought The Law by The Bobby Fuller Four.. This great Rock and Roll song hit the charts in 1966 for Bobby Fuller and The Bobby Fuller Four. Bobby's music sounded a lot like that of Buddy Holly from the previous decade. Like Holly Bobby Fuller, also from Texas, met an untimely death. On July 18th, 1966 he was found dead, lying across the front seat of his mother's car which was found parked in a lot beside the apartment he shared with his younger brother, bassist Randy Fuller and though it was called a suicide at the time suspicions remain to this day as to what actually happened. Many suspect a mob hit. A search of the internet will reveal some interesting theories about Bobby Fuller's death.

 Bobby and his group put on a great show and became quite popular in the early to mid sixties. In looking at some of the videos of him from the sixties there is a striking resemblence to a younger President George Bush.

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