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This 1950's R&B group was one of the first groups to score nationwide with an R&B song with their smash hit "At My Front Door" on Vee Jay Records in 1955.In the middle 1950's black R&B groups were just beginning to capture the teenage audiences throughout the nation, both black and white. This great new era of music would become known as "Rock and Roll" thanks to a Cleveland DJ named Alan freed who coined the phrase. These were truly exciting times in the music industry. White singers like Pat Boone, The Diamonds, Georgia Gibbs to name a few, were jumping all over these new sounds coming from the black music community. Pat Boone's version of "At My Front Door" or "Crazy Little Mama" as it was also known did quite well on the charts but could not compare with the raw R&B sound of the Eldorados fantastic version.


Bopper Bob Hennessey

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