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The Crewcuts

The Crewcuts version of this R&B song originally recorded by "The Chords" was one of their biggest hits. The Crewcuts were formed by Rudolph "Rudy" Maugeri and John Perkins while they were attending high school in Toronto Ontario Canada in 1952. They called themselves The "Canadaires". They recruited their friend Pat Barrett and Ray Perkins, John's brother and were soon renamed "The Crewcuts" by Cleveland DJ Bill Randall.

They signed with Mercury Records and recorded numerous rock 'n roll cover recordings of black R&B songs, such as "Earth Angel", and Sh-Boom. Their version of Sh-Boom was a smash hit for them throughout America and Canada and sold as well as "The Chords" original R&B version.

Rudy Maugeri died on May 7, 2004 of pancreatic cancer at the age of 73.

We are not sure of the whereabouts of the remaining members of this extremely popular group of the 1950s and would welcome any information anyone can furnish us.


Update Dec 2008

We received word from John Perkins of the Crewcuts from the state of Louisiana where he has lived many years and is music director at St Margaret Mary Catholic Church where he continues to sing. He also performs occasional gigs in the Louisiana area. Ray Perkins lives in Washington state and Pat Barrett lives in New Jersey where he continues to do some writing of music.

Thanks for the update John.


Update July 2016

We have received word from Ellen Barrett that her husband Patrick Barrett of The Crewcuts passed away on July 27, 2016 unexpectedly. Our condolences to Ellen and the rest of the family . The Crewcuts put out some great sounds in the 1950s. We still have many of their 45's in our oldies collection.

R.I.P. Patrick


Bopper Bob Hennessey

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