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Ken Copeland

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Pledge Of Love

Pledge Of Love by Ken Copeland reached number 12 on the charts on May 6, 1957. The original release of the song credited the artists as "The Mints". As time progressed and the record gained popularity Ken Copeland, the group's leader was given sole billing. Ken Copeland and The Mints recorded three more songs, "Teenage", "Someone to Love Me" and "Fanny Brown" none of which managed to chart. The group returned to Gainsville Tx from where they began and played local clubs.

This was not the end for Ken Copeland however. He went on to become a highly popular televangelist and to this day his Kenneth Copeland Ministries are seen on TV throughout the world. Five years after "Pledge Of Love", Ken made a personal commitment to the teachings of Christ. In 1968, after attending Oral Roberts University, he and his wife Gloria formed their ministries in Fort Worth Texas.

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