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The Fool


Sanford Clark

Sanford Clark was born in Tulsa Oklahoma but was raised in Phoenix Az. He started out in the early 50's playing in Phoenix clubs, then while stationed in the South Pacific while in the Air Force he formed a band and managed to win a talent contest in Hawaii. Later the Airforce stationed him back in Phoenix where he met up with an old friend Al Casey who introduced him to Lee Hazelwood a local DJ and songwriter. Hazelwood had written a song titled "The Fool" and Sanford recorded it. It did not make any waves until a Philadelphia Deejay heard it and took the song to Randy Wood at Dot REcords who convinced Hazelwood to license it to Dot and soon after it became a nationwide hit. Sanford Clark's "The Fool" reached No. 7 on September 22, 1956 a truly classic rockabilly song. This is one of those early Rock and Roll hits that were it re-released today it would probably become a smash hit worldwide. A great artist and a great song.


Bopper Bob Hennessey

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