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  Sh-Boom The Chords


The Chords formed in The Bronx in 1951 and included Carl and Claude Feester, Jimmy Keyes, Floyd "Buddy" McRae and Ricky Edwards. They were discovered singing in a New York subway station and in 1954 were signed to Atlantic's subsidiary CAT label. Their smash hit song "Sh-Boom" was actually the B side of their cover of the Patti Page pop hit "Cross Over The Bridge" when Sh-Boom took off the song was re-released with Sh-Boom as the A side and a song called "Little Maiden" as the B Side. Although they did have a big hit with the song it was soon covered by the Canadian pop group "The Crewcuts" who ended up outselling the Chords R&B version. This would be the only major hit for The Chords. Floyd "Buddy" McRae the last surviving member of the original Chords passed away on Mar 19, 2013 in Bronx NY.

Bopper Bob Hennessey