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Pledging My Love


 (born John Marshall Alexander June 9, 1929 in Memphis Tn)



A month before "Pledging My Love" hit the charts across the USA Johnny Ace was dead. On Christmas Eve of 1954 at Houston's Civic Auditorium just before midnight just after finishing his performance Johnny Ace ended his life in a game of Russian Roulette. There are numerous accounts of exactly what happened one of the accounts as told by Johnnys girlfriend who was there was that on the roadshow during intermission various members of the troup would go backstage and take turns putting the pistol to their heads and pulling the trigger. On this particular evening according to his girlfriend who was sitting on his lap at the time, Johnny lifted the pistol to his head, pulled the trigger, and his luck ran out, the rest is history.

I still recall to this day hearing the late great DJ Alan Freed announcing on his nightly Rock And Roll Party Radio show on WINS radio, one of NYC's leading rock and roll radio stations of the day, the untimely death of Johnny Ace.

Johnny Ace had a great voice and a haunting way of delivering a song and no doubt he would have gone on to be a superstar in the R&B, Pop field had this terrible event not taken place.


Bopper Bob Hennessey

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